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Expert Witness

Psychological Assessment and Medico Legal Reports

DVT Director, Dr Roxane Agnew-Davies and DVT Associate, Lucy Kralj are both qualified to make clinical assessments of mental health; to use diagnostic criteria of the American Psychiatric Association and to offer therapeutic interventions. Between them they have assessed and written expert reports for over 700 cases of victims of violence and have both regularly appeared in court as expert witnesses. The majority of cases were heard in the Immigration and Asylum Chamber, but some were heard in Family Courts and others in Criminal Courts.

A psychological assessment takes up to four hours to complete and we aim to submit the report four weeks after assessment.

Summary example of time involved in writing Expert Court Report

  • Examination of background information & relevant documents in bundle 4hrs

  • Semi-structured interview and administration of psychometric questionnaires 4hrs

  • Analysis of interview notes including non-verbal behaviours 2hrs

  • Scoring, analysis & interpretation of psychometric measures of mental health 2hrs

  • Diagnosis and reporting of DSM Axis 1 disorders 4hrs

  • Analysis of experiences of violence & abuse 2hrs

  • Impact of violence & abuse on vulnerability 2hrs

  • Prognosis and treatment recommendations 1hr

  • Likely impact of removal from UK & return to country of origin on mental health 2hrs

  • Psychological factors impacting on capacity to give account/follow proceedings 2hrs

  • Basis for conclusions; likelihood of fabrication 1hr

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