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Hikers in Mountainous Landscape

Alpine Retreat

Personal Discovery for Professional Women

We are two clinical psychologists and two senior management consultants. We each have over 30 years’ experience creating, delivering and advising on award winning projects. We have worked in highly pressurised, pioneering programmes supporting culture change, systems change and innovation. We have particular expertise empowering women at very challenging times in their personal and professional life.

Alpine Retreat: Services


We believe wholeheartedly in the human potential for growth and are moved by the Haute-Savoie area. We love learning and believe in the potential for change. Change can be challenging, particularly when you experience ‘new terrain’. We know how hard it can be to thrive in hostile environments. We take inspiration from the resilient cyclamen flower that brings colour and sweetness in unexpected places. Growth finds a way to flourish. In the last seven years, from the foothills of the mountain, Dent d’Oche, we have shared our stories and insights. We have taken this learning back to our colleagues, our organisations and now we would like to share it with you. Traditional management and professional practice roles have separated the professional and personal self. We believe that leaders are born by bringing their whole authentic selves into the workplace and that growth of the self means flourishing in all aspects of your professional and personal life.

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